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“Flash Paint” Art Show

BRAVO! “Flash Paint” Student Art Exhibit was a successful opportunity for my students to experience the process leading up to exhibiting their art work. Below are the submissions for “Flash Paint” Student Art Exhibit.

Artist: Nadia Smith

Artist: Fran Sude

Artist: Hannah Meyers

Artist: Dennis Judd

Artist: Dennis Judd

Artist: Hannah Schwimmer

Artist: Susan McGuire

Artist: Aimee DiDomenico

Artist: Marci Frumkin

Artist: Jennifer Goldman

Artist: Carol Tanenbaum

Artist: Fran Peters

Artist: Sharon Cannon

Artist: Sharon Cannon

Artist: Suzanne Easton

Artist: Suzanne Easton

Artist: Ricky Manders

Artist: Heather Schmidt

Artist: Anissa Seigel

Artist: Miles Seigel

Artist: Bonnie Garvin

Artist: Bonnie Garvin

Artist: Mike Danner

Artist: Kusuma Hongfa

Artist: Lily Spector

Artist: Lucas Stollman

Artist: Jacob Mallut

Artist: Travis Mallut

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