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Anyone Can Learn To Paint With Susan Manders


Students of all ages and abilities have learned to paint with Susan Manders.

All the work you see on this website is the work of Susan’s students. You will be painting by the end of your first class even if you have never painted before in your life.


“Susan Manders has a special gift for unlocking the creativity that is bound up inside of a person. She will help you find your unique voice.”


Whether you are a beginner, an established artist, or a student looking to create a portfolio for their application to an art school, Susan classes will assist you, improve your technical skills and her studio will be a creative environment that gets you painting regularly.

Learn To Paint



Three Reason Why You Should Book A Class:

  1. Your dream requires action now.
  2. Susan Manders will unlock your creativity.
  3. You will paint in a supportive creative environment on a regular basis.

Learn To Paint