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What The Students Say…


Art Studio LA

LA art Studio

Fran @ The Los Angeles Art Studio

When I first came to Susan’s class, I felt intimidated and a little nervous. After the first class I felt comfortable, at ease and inspired. – Fran, adult

The Los Angeles Art Studio

Hannah @ The Los Angeles Art Studio

I like Susan’s class because she lets us be ourselves. I like this art class because you get to be creative and because you don’t have to copy. – Hannah, 9 years old

Art Studio Los Angeles

Ava @ the Los Angeles Art Studio

Doing art with Susan is really fun! – Ava, 5 years old

Studio City Art Studio

Jacob @ The Studio City Art Studio

I love being an artist. The Art Experience is the best because I can mix up all the colors and paint anything I want. – Jacob, 7 years old

Art Studio LA

Jamie @ The Lost Angeles Art Studio

To paint has always been a dream for me. Susan took that dream and made it a wonderfully fun reality. – Jamie, adult.

Studio City Art Studio

Shannon @ The Studio City Art Studio

Susan has created a place where I lose myself, and in the process I have become the artist I never imagined possible. – Shannon, adult

The Studio City Art Experience Studio

Lily @ The Studio City Art Studio

I like this class because it is a way to express my feelings and thoughts. Susan is a wonderful teacher.- Lily, 13 years old.

Studio City Art Studio

Studio City Art Studio

Susan Manders’ Art Experience is a creativity sanctuary for all levels of artists. Susan has a nurturing teaching style that encourages her students to tap into their artistic abilities while learning proper art techniques. I always look forward to my Saturday art class were I enjoy a friendly, relaxed environment. – Nicole, adult.


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