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What My Students Say…


Art Studio LA

What a great studio!! From my first class with Susan, i immediately felt comfortable and more confident.  This is a very friendly, warm and relaxed environment where you can have one on one support as needed by Susan and her assistants, or be free to work on your own.  The classes are small so there is no need to worry about not getting enough attention.  Each student goes at there own pace, week by week,  until they’ve finished what i witnessed as  masterpieces.  She plays lovely relaxing music and offers tea & coffee & refreshments.  This really is the best ‘art experience’

The classes are not a structured lesson, although plenty of support and knowledge is given as you need.   Susan lets you learn organically, guiding you and teaching you skills  without pushing her own style onto you.  She really takes the time to work with each individual student to understand what it is they like to paint and starts to help them form a style of there own.

Tommy’s Art Work @ his home

Travis @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

I love the Art Experience. – Travis, 6 years old

LA art Studio

Fran @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

When I first came to Susan’s class, I felt intimidated and a little nervous. After the first class I felt comfortable, at ease and inspired. – Fran, adult

The Los Angeles Art Studio

Hannah @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

I like Susan’s class because she lets us be ourselves. I like this art class because you get to be creative and because you don’t have to copy. – Hannah, 9 years old

Art Studio Los Angeles

Ava @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

Doing art with Susan is really fun! – Ava, 5 years old

Studio City Art Studio

Jacob @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

I love being an artist. The Art Experience is the best because I can mix up all the colors and paint anything I want. – Jacob, 7 years old

Art Studio LA

Jamie @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

To paint has always been a dream for me. Susan took that dream and made it a wonderfully fun reality. – Jamie, adult.

Studio City Art Studio

Shannon @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

Susan has created a place where I lose myself, and in the process I have become the artist I never imagined possible. – Shannon, adult

The Studio City Art Experience Studio

Lily @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

I like this class because it is a way to express my feelings and thoughts. Susan is a wonderful teacher.- Lily, 13 years old.

Studio City Art Studio

Nicole @ Susan Manders Art Experience (Studio City)

Susan Manders’ Art Experience is a creativity sanctuary for all levels of artists. Susan has a nurturing teaching style that encourages her students to tap into their artistic abilities while learning proper art techniques. I always look forward to my Saturday art class were I enjoy a friendly, relaxed environment. – Nicole, adult.